Saturday, January 19, 2008

Award-winning design

Today was the Pinewood Derby for Nate's Cub Scout pack. Fortunately for us, the whole affair was pretty straightforward. After our experience last year, we were all determined that this year would be better. Of course then we had to reconcile that determination with what we were actually capable of doing.

So the design of choice this year for us was a schoolbus, due mostly to its ease of execution. Tim paid more attention this year to the Pinewood Derby offerings at our local craft store, and we used weights and everything. Unfortunately they didn't seem to help us much, since the schoolbus didn't win any races. (We've since learned that using graphite on the wheels helps a lot -- so we'll have to try that next year.)

But something must have improved, because this year Nate won 1st Place in his den for Design. So that's good.

There were lots of interesting entries again this year. The overall design winners were a futuristic purple and yellow car, a penguin in a mine car, and a vehicle shaped like a Flying V guitar (unfortunately we don't have any pictures of that last one). You can see the whole set here.

And that's another Pinewood Derby under our belt!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Not to be missed

Since I don't have time right now to address the list of things that have been going on with us for the last few weeks, I thought I'd share this wonderful film with you to tide you over.


People in Order