Friday, December 14, 2007

Teacher gifts

teacher gifts
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Holy moly. And again with the whining about whether or not this hectic pace will ever stop. I keep thinking, "after this next thing, THEN I'll have time to" insert next project here. And yet? That's right. Then there still isn't any time.

It's now 1:15 pm and Hattie and I are almost ready to have lunch, which happens to be "mushroom guys" I found in the freezer -- mushroom appetizers in phyllo that we got from Trader Joe's. We desperately needed to go to the grocery store today because we have no milk, no bread, no lunch items, no soap, you get the picture. But after we went to the Y, and then the organizer lady came (could there be an end in sight to the &*^% that has taken up permanent residence on our kitchen counter????), and then the tree service lady came, it is now 1:15 and the mushroom guys still have 15 minutes left in the oven. And I have to get in the car pool line shortly after 2, so I can pick up the kids and get Charlotte to her therapy appointment by 3:00. Oh yeah, and I haven't taken a shower yet. That is GREAT.

So when, I ask, am I supposed to be going to the store? Maybe on our way back from therapy at 5 pm this afternoon. I'm sure there won't be any people there at 5 on a Friday afternoon...

Okay. Changing the subject now. These are the mini sweaters, some of which you may already have seen, which I am giving to the teachers for teacher gifts on Monday. I've been working on these on and off all year, and with the exception of that chocolate/vanilla one on the bottom right, I've got them all done. I'm still debating whether I should embroider the teachers' initials on the front of each one, but that's looking increasingly doubtful.

Package these bad boys up and that's one thing I can cross off my list. Next up? 4 batches of cookies.

And there are still two weekends before Christmas! I'm ahead this year!

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SueFromSC said...

I wish I knew you so you could teach me to knit and then make these adorable little sweaters! Too Cute!