Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mildly disturbing

So what does it mean, if I can identify a celebrity that I have never seen in a movie (I don't think) and who I don't care two whits about one way or the other, only by her feet and shoes? (And very manly feet and shoes they are, too. That's how I figured it out.)

That is TOO WEIRD.

(But I got it right! Geez, talk about your dubious accomplishments...)


LLA said...

Hey there, look at you!

You're the only one who could get it right! That's an accomplishment. You deserve a major award.....

(ignore me. We've been watching A Christmas Story over here, and I've got "major award" on the brain....)

SueFromSC said...

NADAFINGA! A Christmas Story is on as I type...hehe

Did you win anything?

I'm a neighbor in SC :)