Monday, December 17, 2007

Martha Stewart hack

Well, I did it. 14 teacher gifts done -- sweater ornaments finished, notes written, and packaged last night. And I have Martha Stewart to thank for making it possible.

I'm kind of torn on Martha Stewart. She's frequently held up, superficially anyway, as a role model for all good housewives to follow. Accordingly, since most of us don't have full staffs to do all the prep work, it's a standard that's pretty much unattainable, and that could lead to feelings of insufficiency. (But not on my part. I already know I'm awesome.) However, for a corporate juggernaut, she does do lots of cute things.

Case in point: these cookie sleeves. What are these for? Who is giving out one cookie? If I'm giving cookies as a gift, I'm not going to give out only one. And if I am giving someone one cookie (like a neighbor child), I'm sure as heck not going to package it in gaily-decorated waxed paper with a To/From sticker on it. So from a cookie standpoint, for me, this is basically not a useful item. That's for me. I'm sure it would be invaluable to someone else. Please don't send me vicious emails because I'm hatin' on Martha.

However, it turned out to be perfect for these little sweaters, which I wanted to package kind of on a card, but the envelope would have to fit the sweater in also. So I bought a couple of packs of these, wrote a nice note on the cards, slotted the tops and draped the hanger from the sweater over it, taped the hanger down on the back, and with a little doublestick tape, packaged these up with a To/From sticker on the front. Small, manageable, cute, easy, and perfect.

And I even thought to trace both the size of the card inside and the wrapper shape on a separate piece of paper so I can recreate it out of regular wrapping paper. Now that's a good thing.

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LLA said...

You are awesome!!!!

(and I am awestruck by all you've done, and how beautifully you've done it!)