Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sliding down the razor blade of life

I thought things were crazy in that last post. But then it got even more crazy.

Despite everything that's going on and everywhere that everyone has to be, lots of yarn has been delivered (yay!) and there's been lots of frenzied knitting going on around here. The first thing I need to finish is these hats, which are not even Christmas gifts. Nate's was easy, Hattie's was slightly harder, and Charlotte's seems to be taking a REALLY LONG TIME even though I've been knitting in every car pool line, at long red lights, and at Bell Choir practice (see below).

Add that to an absolutely insane Bell Choir schedule (oh yes, that would be FIVE performances this WEEK, not including practices), and you have a LOT of rushing around. I mean, I enjoy handbells and all, but really.

I guilted Tim into coming home early from work Monday so we could go get our tree. We got it up and the lights on, and there it sits, resplendent in its glory, bare of ornaments and surrounded by Christmas boxes and all their disgorged contents. Not exactly the Christmas tableau I was going for.

Then this morning at 6:45 Tim and 3 of his co-workers left for a conference on Georgia's coast. Until Friday night. Which gives me a couple of days to get our household back on some kind of even keel. Interesting. If I get a handle on this, I'll post pictures. And with luck it won't take me three weeks.

1 comment:

LLA said...

Oh the Hats!

Love them all - Nate's is so classic...

Does Hattie's have ponytail holes??? GENIUS!

And how gorgeous is the pattern that you're using for my Charlotte? Wow...

Hold down that fort, girlfriend. Friday will be here before you know it...