Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Christmas 2007
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Two minutes after this picture was taken someone had already taken off their shoes and left them on the couch.

So far I've cleaned three bathrooms and a living room today. Two more rooms to go and then I've got LOTS of cookie dough to make.

Oh, and wrapping. I've got a lot of that to do too. However, almost all my Christmas presents are done. I just might make it in time this year without wrapping crazily on Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mildly disturbing

So what does it mean, if I can identify a celebrity that I have never seen in a movie (I don't think) and who I don't care two whits about one way or the other, only by her feet and shoes? (And very manly feet and shoes they are, too. That's how I figured it out.)

That is TOO WEIRD.

(But I got it right! Geez, talk about your dubious accomplishments...)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A very large visitor

So the other day Tim and I decided that our lot was entirely too "wooded" (as a realtor would say), and that we were tired of living with the daily fear of getting smashed into our bed by a 90-foot pine tree with shallow roots and a double top, growing 5 feet outside our bedroom window.

Tim went outside to take a good look around. Hattie, who had dressed herself (in 40 degree weather) in biker shorts, a camo t-shirt, and hot pink boots with no socks, decided to come along.

What's that? Hattie, you want to take a picture, too? Well, okay.

Yep. It's time for some of these home- and life-threatening trees to come down. So we make a few phone calls and talk to a couple of people.

Ding Dong! There's someone at the front door! Who could it be? Why, it's Mr. Bucket Truck! Hello, Mr. Bucket Truck! Careful of the flowers, there!

Oh look! I can see Mr. Bucket Truck through the living room window, too! The what? The spiderwebs? Oh, that's because we live in a haunted mansion.

Wait, let me take a look out of the bedroom window just to make sure. Yep, that's a bucket truck, all right.

Um, sure. Just make yourself comfortable. That's as good a place as any, I guess. Mind you don't slip!

Check back soon for some fun 'after' photos!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Martha Stewart hack

Well, I did it. 14 teacher gifts done -- sweater ornaments finished, notes written, and packaged last night. And I have Martha Stewart to thank for making it possible.

I'm kind of torn on Martha Stewart. She's frequently held up, superficially anyway, as a role model for all good housewives to follow. Accordingly, since most of us don't have full staffs to do all the prep work, it's a standard that's pretty much unattainable, and that could lead to feelings of insufficiency. (But not on my part. I already know I'm awesome.) However, for a corporate juggernaut, she does do lots of cute things.

Case in point: these cookie sleeves. What are these for? Who is giving out one cookie? If I'm giving cookies as a gift, I'm not going to give out only one. And if I am giving someone one cookie (like a neighbor child), I'm sure as heck not going to package it in gaily-decorated waxed paper with a To/From sticker on it. So from a cookie standpoint, for me, this is basically not a useful item. That's for me. I'm sure it would be invaluable to someone else. Please don't send me vicious emails because I'm hatin' on Martha.

However, it turned out to be perfect for these little sweaters, which I wanted to package kind of on a card, but the envelope would have to fit the sweater in also. So I bought a couple of packs of these, wrote a nice note on the cards, slotted the tops and draped the hanger from the sweater over it, taped the hanger down on the back, and with a little doublestick tape, packaged these up with a To/From sticker on the front. Small, manageable, cute, easy, and perfect.

And I even thought to trace both the size of the card inside and the wrapper shape on a separate piece of paper so I can recreate it out of regular wrapping paper. Now that's a good thing.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Teacher gifts

teacher gifts
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Holy moly. And again with the whining about whether or not this hectic pace will ever stop. I keep thinking, "after this next thing, THEN I'll have time to" insert next project here. And yet? That's right. Then there still isn't any time.

It's now 1:15 pm and Hattie and I are almost ready to have lunch, which happens to be "mushroom guys" I found in the freezer -- mushroom appetizers in phyllo that we got from Trader Joe's. We desperately needed to go to the grocery store today because we have no milk, no bread, no lunch items, no soap, you get the picture. But after we went to the Y, and then the organizer lady came (could there be an end in sight to the &*^% that has taken up permanent residence on our kitchen counter????), and then the tree service lady came, it is now 1:15 and the mushroom guys still have 15 minutes left in the oven. And I have to get in the car pool line shortly after 2, so I can pick up the kids and get Charlotte to her therapy appointment by 3:00. Oh yeah, and I haven't taken a shower yet. That is GREAT.

So when, I ask, am I supposed to be going to the store? Maybe on our way back from therapy at 5 pm this afternoon. I'm sure there won't be any people there at 5 on a Friday afternoon...

Okay. Changing the subject now. These are the mini sweaters, some of which you may already have seen, which I am giving to the teachers for teacher gifts on Monday. I've been working on these on and off all year, and with the exception of that chocolate/vanilla one on the bottom right, I've got them all done. I'm still debating whether I should embroider the teachers' initials on the front of each one, but that's looking increasingly doubtful.

Package these bad boys up and that's one thing I can cross off my list. Next up? 4 batches of cookies.

And there are still two weekends before Christmas! I'm ahead this year!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sliding down the razor blade of life

I thought things were crazy in that last post. But then it got even more crazy.

Despite everything that's going on and everywhere that everyone has to be, lots of yarn has been delivered (yay!) and there's been lots of frenzied knitting going on around here. The first thing I need to finish is these hats, which are not even Christmas gifts. Nate's was easy, Hattie's was slightly harder, and Charlotte's seems to be taking a REALLY LONG TIME even though I've been knitting in every car pool line, at long red lights, and at Bell Choir practice (see below).

Add that to an absolutely insane Bell Choir schedule (oh yes, that would be FIVE performances this WEEK, not including practices), and you have a LOT of rushing around. I mean, I enjoy handbells and all, but really.

I guilted Tim into coming home early from work Monday so we could go get our tree. We got it up and the lights on, and there it sits, resplendent in its glory, bare of ornaments and surrounded by Christmas boxes and all their disgorged contents. Not exactly the Christmas tableau I was going for.

Then this morning at 6:45 Tim and 3 of his co-workers left for a conference on Georgia's coast. Until Friday night. Which gives me a couple of days to get our household back on some kind of even keel. Interesting. If I get a handle on this, I'll post pictures. And with luck it won't take me three weeks.