Friday, November 02, 2007

Too much fun

Here are our three trick-or-treaters, ready to go out into the neighborhood. Don't they look excited?

Actually I think it was the picture-taking that they were done with, not the candy-getting. As you can see, it's still light out, so they hadn't really left yet.

They came back about an hour after this picture was taken, all kinds of hopped up. Tim dropped the girls off to help me hand out candy, while he and Nate went out for a little more craziness. And there was much sobbing among the left-behind contingent.

But it came out all right in the end. The night's only casualty was a broken handle on a pumpkin bucket that was stretched beyond its limit. Not a bad problem to have on Halloween night.

Happy Fall Weekend!

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3 to get ready said...

Thought I would stop by and see who got my first name choice for the blog! Your 3 are adorable and I can't believe you live in GA. too. How funny.

Cute Halloween costumes. I hope everyone got lots of good candy!