Thursday, October 11, 2007

What? A month already??

Wow. Time just flies when you are running around like screaming, insane, crazy people. As usual, the combination of my extreme procrastination coupled with OCD perfectionism has led to a lack of posting, since I won't be able to do it "properly." Hence, no posting lately. Sorry about that.

Anyhoo, the weather looks like it's cooperating today (jackets at the bus stop, woo-hoo!), and it's sunny enough for photos that I'll take as soon as I get home from work today, so there is more exciting content to come. Lots of things have happened since my last post -- we went on a trip, I had a birthday, and we let the cleaning lady go, so we've been living in squalor. I probably won't show you that part, tho. But you might get lucky.

However, the things that are aggravating me today are: 1) lots of guilt from not posting for the last month, and 2) HOW DO YOU DO INTARSIA WHEN YOU ARE KNITTING IN THE ROUND???

When I follow my chart all the contrast yarn ends up at the wrong side when I come around again! Do any of you knitters out there know the secret? I have to leave in 5 minutes to go sit in the carpool line (perfect knitting opportunity), so there's no LYS open yet to call. So far Google has only revealed secrets for socks, which I am not currently knitting.

And to round out this wacked-out post, a nice fall picture:

See you in just a little bit, I promise.

1 comment:

LLA said...

I know the feeling all too well... Believe me...

We'll have to talk about letting the cleaning lady go - I'm in that frame of mind myself. Interested in your reasons, and the aftermath...

Thank God it's FINALLY cooling off. I'm going to dig out my BOOTS today. That is making me stupidly happy.

And I'm about to make you stupidly unhappy.... (sorry) My understanding is that you can't do intarsia in the round. I attempted it once (in the early days of bear knitting) and realized I couldn't make it work. I Googled it, and emailed with Jess Hutch about it, and was told that there's not a way to do it. (at least for what I was attempting...)