Sunday, October 14, 2007

Catching up

First, some old business. About a month ago we went to Charlottesville, Virginia, for the UVA/Georgia Tech game. This trip is becoming a tradition, missed only when Nate was born about a week before the game in 1999. It's nice because now the kids are old enough to get something out of it when we visit historic monuments, such as this one:

the requisite tourist shot of Monticello, complete with tourists. Can a Williamsburg trip be far behind? (Spoken like a true history geek.) You can see all the rest of the pictures here.

Here's a picture of the kids, all ready to go into the game. In case anyone is wondering how we decided whose allegiance went where, it was dictated solely by which shirt fit which child. We had Georgia Tech shirts in Nate's and Charlotte's sizes, and a Virginia shirt in Hattie's size.

One of the funniest things that happened that day was when we were on the way to the game, and I stopped into a building to use the facilities. While I was gone an elderly gentleman asked Tim how a GT family (Tim, Nate, and Charlotte) ended up with one little Virginia fan! But then he understood once I came walking up in my UVA shirt.

It was while we were on our trip that Tim did a little birthday shopping for me in Monticello's gift shop. Which is how I ended up with this:

a presidential dishtowel listing every president up to the current day. It's actually kind of cool, although it seems a little disrespectful to be wiping dishes with the presidents. Well, with some of them.

So that brings us to this weekend. Tim and Nate were off camping with the cub scouts, and even the (male) dog went to stay with Grandma and Grandpa. So it was a girly weekend. We managed to keep ourselves busy, though.

First up, a trip to the zoo, which was decorated for Halloween. Here's Hattie posing by a cut-out of me a scary tomato.

And with a friend, petting the sheep at the petting zoo area.

On Saturday our first stop was at the Atlanta area Scandinavian Festival,

where we stopped at the Sons of Norway tent. The gent there was very nattily dressed in traditional Norwegian clothing, and he looked so much like my dad that Hattie said, "That man looks just like Grandpa!"

Fortunately I had thought far enough ahead to bring Hattie's soccer uniform with us, because we went straight from the festival to her soccer game.

Then it was home for a quick change so we could go to Charlotte's class Halloween party.

Charlotte decided weeks ago that she was going to be a cat, but Hattie's plan had switched from being Little Bo Peep (no idea how I would have done that) to a cheerleader. As we were getting dressed to go, she changed her mind again and decided to go as Orlando Bloom Robin Hood, in Nate's costume from last year. Fortunately that was easy to handle and we were off again.

After the party we trudged back home for a supper of tea and egg salad, and then we all went to bed. They fell right asleep and I un-knitted (tinked!) seven rows of the intarsia I had tried to knit in the round, which, oh, by the way, DOESN'T WORK. Well, it kind of worked in that I got the yarn to go where I needed it, but since the whole trick is to keep your knitted picture from puckering by keeping the yarn that's running behind the right length so your tension will be even, that's the part that doesn't work. So I un-knitted it all (not trusting myself to frog it without dropping stitches) and I am going to have to go the duplicate stitch route.

Next up? Haircuts and cleaning!


rohanknitter said...

Sounds like you have been plenty busy.
Visiting historic sites is one thing we have really enjoyed as the boys have gotten older.
I'm really hoping we can go to DC in the next couple years.

LLA said...

Wow - y'all have been busy! Looks like a bunch of good times...

We were supposed to go to the Scand. Fest this weekend - but I declared that I was too tired to go anyplace this weekend, and that I wasn't leaving the house! And since I'm usually the "cruise director" - the boys were fine with it. Maybe next year, though...

Oh - and I'd be more than happy to wipe dishes with *some* of the presidents. (I started to elaborate about what I think some of the presidents deserve to be wiping, but I won't. It just makes me look crass. Besides, I bet it would chafe....)