Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Emotional Extremes

I found out two things today, as I worked my way through my list of errand-type phone calls.

As I was talking to the company who we order all Hattie's diabetic supplies from, the representative I was talking to casually mentioned that our health insurance (renowned, at least by us, for refusing to pay for lots of things most other insurances cover) has been fully covering a continuous glucose monitor.

This monitor, which is compatible with Hattie's insulin pump, is basically a patch she would wear on her arm, for example, that would send periodic readings to her pump, so if we want to see what her blood sugar level is, we just look at her pump, instead of having to prick her finger several times a day. It also has an alarm that goes off if her blood sugar starts getting too low or too high. That's just huge! I was so excited that I called the endocrinologist immediately.

When we got Hattie's insulin pump about 18 months ago, the FDA had just approved the use of a continuous glucose monitor for adults, and since then they've allowed it for older children. So we've been anxiously waiting for the time when we could use it as well. The doctors didn't want to prescribe it for younger kids until the insurance companies started covering it, which it now looks like they have! In even better news, we've already fulfilled our deductible for this year, so if we can manage to get it before the end of the year, we'll only have to pay 10%! Whoo-hoo!! That will be awesome.

Nothing like a little exciting insurance talk, huh? Anyone still reading? Hello? Well, there's more.

So now for even more exciting insurance news. Our car insurance rates have been astronomical since October of 2005, when I had the accident that totalled our van. Not totally unexpected, since they paid for us to get a new van, but something we've been having to deal with ever since. Since it's been almost two years since it happened, and my driving record has been stellar ever since (knocks on wood), I started calling around to see if we could get a better rate.

The person I was talking to pulled up our claim history so she could give us a rate, and she happened to mention that yes, our insurance had paid $20,000 to replace our car (which we obviously knew). Then she proceeded to tell me that they paid the guy who hit me $14,000 to repair his macked-out excuse-for-an-insufficient-body-part pick-up complete with cow bars on the front for extra smashing, IN ADDITION TO $14,000 for medical injury!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, this is a guy who, when he slammed into me, as I was turning left into an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, while he was going 50+ mph in a SCHOOL ZONE, he hit me so hard that the firemen who answered the call said they had never seen a front airbag go off from an impact that far back, as he jumped out of his car ON THE PHONE, did not ask if I was all right, or even if I had a child in the car. Instead he just started cussing me out as I stood there crying in the middle of the street.

After that he ignored me as he glad-handed the cops who came to the scene, and they all literally patted each other on the back and started talking about hunting. No joke. What a surprise that I got the ticket. And when I contested the whole thing in court they told me that the only thing I could discuss was whether or not I was turning left, which obviously I WAS, and then that was it.

So now I find out that not only did it cost $14,000 to fix his stupid truck, but he put in for an additional $14,000 in medical injury?? No wonder our rates are through the roof! There's a special place in Hell for people like that.

In case you think I'm exaggerating, here's what he looked like after the accident:

Nice, huh? Yeah, he looks pretty injured. So, the lesson remains, if you see this man flying around metro Atlanta, whatever you do, DON'T TURN LEFT IN FRONT OF HIM!

Now that I've left you with that cheery post, I'm going to go downstairs so I can finish fuming. I'll just have to keep the continuous glucose monitor in mind, and especially the fact that our accident could have been so much worse that we're lucky it wasn't.


LLA said...

Oh ugh to the jack hat from the accident. I"m sending unkind thoughts in the vicinity of his karma...

but yay! to the glucose monitor - that's huge! :)

Bernard said...

I think you'll love the continuous glucose monitor. I've been using one since March (Dexcom) and I still thank God for it. What a huge difference it's made for me. And my A1C is down to 7.0 for the first time in way too long.

If you've not already heard about it, you might try It's a social networking site for folks whose lives have been affected by diabetes (in other words not just folks with diabetes). They even have a group for parent with children who have diabetes. Check it out, I'll bet you find it useful.

rohanknitter said...

Yay for good insurance news!!! The patch thingy sounds great.

That stuff about the accident is unreal. No wonder you are fuming!!!! All I can say is, what goes around comes around.
We were in a really nasty accident in October of 05 too. So I do feel for you. Totaled my van - totally! Thankfully, there was no way they could dispute whose fault it was (they blew a stop sign out in the country and ran right into me) so my insurance didn't go up, but the whole thing was scary (she knocked us into a ditch, we flipped over sideways and had to crawl out the window.) and very frustrating. I called my insurance company constantly until we finally got our money. They wouldn't pay me my dedectible until they got paid in full from the other person's insurance. They also told me (and this is unreal) that if they had hit me in the front quarter instead of the rear quarter, they could have disputed that I was going too fast and that's why they hit me. NO you hit me because you went through a stop sign!! Duh! Anyway, we were all fine and I'm glad you were too.

Suzanne said...

Delurking to tell you: "THAT SUX!"--about the dude that is now on my S*&t list for you :) If anyone had yelled at me like that, i would have punched him. YES, the ramifications would have been hell but at least it would have made you feel a little better ;)

I'm glad about the news for your daughter. I'm sure that will make her a bit happier too! Sometimes "business calls" aren't all a nightmare :)

I also like your site...your beach picture DOES look professional. Have it blown up and framed :)

PS=maybe you could get that dudes photo blown up and put on a dart board??? hehehee

Kimberly said...

That's too bad about your accident. I've got a story about driving in thick fog and turning left only to hit a school bus coming toward us across the intersection driving without their lights on. We never saw the bus until our car hit it and we were automatically at fault because it was a school bus we collided with. No further questions. The bus driver was never concerned about the passengers in our car and our car was totalled but we were fine.