Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Looking for lunchboxes

My sister and her husband are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first child. And so are all the rest of us. Accordingly, my mother, who could stand it no longer, is on her way down to stay with us for a few days until the baby is born.

Mom will be here in an hour or two, so my one project for this morning is to straighten up the house a little. So it immediately became vital for me to hit the internet in search of a new lunchbox for Charlotte.

I looked at Target yesterday, and there is a lot of junk out there. Of course that may be because we are on our second week of school here, and anyone with any smarts bought their lunchboxes a month ago, leaving only the ones no one wants behind. As a result, I didn't buy anything there for her.

So I fell back on my go-to source, the internet. While surfing around I happened across this:

a beautifully tasteful lunchbox for a little girl. And also, incidentally, the exact same style as the one my always impeccably turned-out sister selected for herself in the early 70's at the age of 4.

Just seeing it took me immediately back to sandwiches in baggies (remember? before Zip-Locs?? Please hand me my cane and back away from my rocking chair.) and loud lunchrooms.

But not as much as this one did:

Oh, yes. Doesn't every 2nd grade girl want an Addams Family lunchbox? I must have carried this one for years. All my friends had Holly Hobbie, or Peanuts, or even David Cassidy, but not me. I'll never forget the time I was walking to 2nd grade with the 1st grade boy from next door, and we noticed another little boy carrying this same lunchbox. "Look," my friend said, "that boy has a girl's lunchbox!" Umm, right.

How many lunches did I stare at that picture? So many, since I took my lunch almost every day through 6th grade.

I can literally taste the red Kool-Aid when I see this thermos. Too bad we don't still have it -- a lunchbox just like this in great condition just sold for $550 on eBay.

Maybe I should put more thought into the one I get for Charlotte.

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Suzanne said...

I am loving your writing *squee*

I had to delurk and let you know I still have my Star Wars lunch box that I carried from probably 2nd grade to 6th....Sadly, it's been used WELL so no $550 would probably go in my wallet :(