Saturday, August 25, 2007

Card-carrying suburbanites

Two things of note happened in the last couple of days.

The first, and by far the most noteworthy, is that our new little niece is here! Mom and baby are doing great, and are in fact already home from the hospital. Both mom and dad are justifiably as proud as they can be. I'd love to post a picture of little miss, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't been cleared for the internet. I can tell you, however, that she is little and pink and perfect! And making all the right cute-as-a-button baby noises.

In other news, Hattie and Nate started soccer practice today.

This afternoon we packed up all our kids (and Grandma!) into our minivan and headed out to the soccer field. So it's official -- I'm a soccer mom.

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LLA said...


soccer mom.

hee hee hee hee....