Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Birthdays and cakes

Late last week we celebrated Tim's 40th birthday. He didn't want any hoop-la, so I made his favorite dinner (Chicken Caprese -- baked, breaded chicken breasts with a sour cream and tomato sauce) and we enjoyed it at home with just us and the ice cream cake he'd requested from Publix. Mint chocolate chip ice cream with marble cake and whipped topping. YUM! (Whoo -- getting a little sidetracked by the cake...)

Anyway, when I met Tim in 1995 he looked like this:

(Picture taken in Memphis, where we were visiting his brother.)

Now, however, Tim looks like this:

A little older and a little wiser. But still good-looking! I wish I could wear like that.

August must be a good month for birthdays. Tim's was the first one and then next week we have his other brother's birthday and my dad's. Hattie will be 4 at the very end of the month, but in between there we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little niece, my sister's first child.

We had a great time at her baby shower a week or so ago.

We ate lots of chicken salad and other good things,

including petit fours! They were so cute I could barely stand to eat them. But I managed. Four times. (ahem)

Happy Birthday to all our Leos! (And to Hattie, who's a Virgo, but you'll hear more about her birthday later.)

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