Thursday, August 30, 2007

4 today

Today Hattie turned 4 years old. So I sent her off to preschool with 18 strawberry cupcakes to help celebrate. Hard to believe that she's 4 already. Seems like it wasn't that long ago that we were bringing her home from the hospital.

It was a pretty full day. After celebrating with her class, we went to play at the neighbors' after school, and we had Chick Fil-A for dinner (her choice). After dinner we opened presents, including the one I'd made for Nate and Charlotte to give her. A Birdy Buddy Bag, complete with the buddy, a birdy finger puppet.

She liked it and all her other presents, but the big hit was what Tim and I gave her: the Enchanted Fairy Village, a riot of brightly colored plastic with a zillion tiny pieces sure to be lost, broken, swallowed, or stepped on in the middle of the night. It came with two fairies, for extra squabbling when shared between 3 kids.

She was so excited about the fairy village that she didn't even want any cake, opting for a couple of strawberries instead. Which was actually much better for her than all that sugar would have been.

We're so lucky she's here and she's ours. That's really what we were celebrating today.

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LLA said...

Oh - Happy Happy Day!

(She's looking so grown! So "big girl" all of a sudden....)