Friday, June 29, 2007

Things of note

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Obviously there's been a dearth of posting around here. This is for a variety of reasons, but so far this week the interfering factors have mainly been (in chronological order): therapy, camping, work, swim team, more therapy, more swim team, meetings, and preparation for hosting about 40 people at our home for dinner tomorrow night.

It's taken every inch of my logistical capabilities to keep up with all the different people scheduled to do things for me this week like steam carpets, babysit, and clean house while I ferried various children (and myself) to our respective activities, usually several per day, and often all at the same time.

Speaking of activities, Nate not only got a blue ribbon Wednesday night swimming the 100 IM, but the very next day he received the Sportsmanship award at his swim team banquet. The Sportsmanship award was awarded to only one child on the whole team, and Nate got it for swimming up with the 9-10s (as a 7-year-old) for two whole meets (out of five) without complaining once, and with a cast on his arm! So we are very proud of him for that.

And it didn't take nearly as much effort as everything else has this week, but I just added this photo to a new group on flickr -- the Play Food! group. Lots of unbelievably cute knitted and felt food there. You should check it out! One day I'll get back to doing that kind of thing.

So-- we've got the big party tomorrow, then crash on Sunday. Monday we've got therapy from 9:30 to noon, a routine test for Charlotte at the hospital, and a follow-up doctor visit after that. Tuesday is an hour and a half of swim lessons, followed by speech therapy, and packing for 5 people for several days. Then (after giving the kennel a sob story about how there's no way we can get the dog in to the vet for his annual shots before we leave) we're dropping the dog off at the kennel (without shots) and heading out of town for the rest of the week to spend the 4th with family in Chattanooga. Woo-hoo! I'll rest then.

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LLA said...

Yikes - sounds insanely busy at your place! Hope that the big shindig went well, and that you have a fantabulous time in Chattaboogie (and that you get to relax!)

And a big congrats to Nate - that's truly awesome!