Friday, May 18, 2007

WIP Friday

It's been a while since I did a Work In Progress Friday, but the main thing I'm working on right now is getting the kids through the last week or two of school.

We just got back from a shindig in Nate's class -- it was a Dance-Off (his class is the Rock-n-Rollers). They split the class up into 4 decades: fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties. I picked sixties because Hattie has a groovy tie-dyed shirt*, but in retrospect I should have picked eighties, because I probably still own lots of clothes from that decade. Plus I vividly remember what people wore then, seeing as I was in high school and college. *ahem -- dating self here*

But working within the '60's theme, I would have liked to have gone in a cute dress with go-go boots. However, seeing as I don't have the boots, the cute dress, or a shape that would allow me to wear them without burning people's retinas out, I opted for the hippie look. Which was okay, but it precluded me from going to the grocery store directly afterwards, as I didn't want to show up in full hippie mode.

So now the project is to assemble 7 or more teacher gifts for the end of the year. Last year I made marble magnets for everyone, but this year I decided to buy handmade things instead. A friend of a friend does custom stationery, so I asked her to make notepads for each teacher with their names on them. They turned out great! Here they are, still in their packaging:

My concession to doing something handmade was to stitch fabric scraps onto blank cards I bought at JoAnn's. Kind of a desperate move, but they turned out cuter than I expected. And infinitely better than the blank cards would have been.

Now I just need to wrap the notepads (each with a pack of pens I bought), write the cards and I'll be all done! Too bad I forgot about Charlotte's (male) bus driver. So he may be getting a gift certificate to some as-yet-unnamed box store. Not as creative, that.

*I also used to have a gorgeous tie-dyed shirt from my stint as a waitress at the Laughing Lizard Lounge in Alexandria, VA, but during what must have been some kind of fit, I must have given it to Goodwill. Which is crazy, because like a true pack rat, I NEVER get rid of anything. Five million things in my house and I choose to give away the one thing I've been looking for ever since. Sheesh.

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LLA said...

I feel your pain at the loss of the shirt - as one pack rat to another. As you know, I've been decluttering like mad. I've not missed anything yet - but OH! the angst...

I *LOVE* the notepads that you got - and I'm already thinking ahead to the bazillion stocking stuffers etc that I'm going to have to get for Bubba's bazillion relatives... I didn't see the design that you show here on the website though? Am I looking in the wrong place, or did you get all fancy and have custom work done????