Friday, May 25, 2007

Scenes from the end of the year

Since today is the last day of school for us, I thought I'd celebrate by sharing some photos of the things we've been so busy with in the last few weeks.

Nate finished his first season of baseball. After he broke his arm two days before opening day, he got his short cast on just in time to participate in the last two games before the end of the season. Fortunately for everyone involved it's a pretty low-key league, so we didn't have to worry too much about fast balls, sliding, or any other kind of body or even baseball contact.

Except that Nate actually was a pretty good hitter, as you can tell in this cool picture taken by Tim. Note the literal tongue in cheek.

Charlotte graduated from the pre-K class she's been in since February of 2005. She'll be moving on to kindergarten and, in a very exciting move for all of us, especially me, she'll ride on the same bus as Nate next year, meaning that I only have one bus to put people on and take people off of, thereby saving me about an hour of effort and rushing to get home.

It's hard to read the certificate, but it says "Most Likely to Succeed," an interesting superlative given that everyone else in the same class got the same exact certificate with only the name changed.

And Hattie's class participated in the singing program for all the 3-year-old classes. This performance was a landmark for us, seeing as she actually sang along this time instead of frowning at the floor like she has in past performances. We were very proud.

I was going to include pictures of swim practice, but really we have a whole month left for that. And that's more of a summer event anyway.

So it's official. Summer is here! Happy weekend everybody!

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LLA said...

Look at how cute all three of them are!

Happy Summer to You All, Too!