Friday, April 13, 2007


A month or so ago Nate read in the News For Kids section of our newspaper that they wanted local kids to send in jokes, probably for April Fool's Day. So Nate cut the application out of the paper, filled it out, and sent it in. He was a little disappointed that they didn't select his joke on the appointed day, but he soon forgot all about it.


Yesterday at school there was a big package waiting for him on his desk when he arrived. It was from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution thanking him for his contribution, and it included not only a certificate and a t-shirt (Adult Medium, but it's the thought), but also the page of the paper he had been published on. Which was lucky, because not only had we missed it the first time because we were camping, but we had already recycled that paper.

So here's his joke, as seen in the newspaper:

He selected that joke all by himself. And for the record we're lucky he entered this contest before he purchased the 101 Bossy Cow Jokes book that he found last night at the $1 Book Sale at school.

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LLA said...


Congrats to Nate - that's so fab! Schecky entered the contest for circus jokes - but no avail....