Monday, April 09, 2007


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So today I made my own granola bars. I used Alton Brown's recipe. They were delicious and surprisingly easy, if a little crumbly, so I may need to do a little fine-tuning. Although I did only use half the honey since I ran out. But they'll do very nicely for a quick, on-the-road breakfast that I always seem to be grabbing.

I've been on a granola kick lately, ever since I started buying this at the grocery store. (If you follow the link it looks nasty, but really it's much more appetizing than that in real life.) I thought I was being all healthy until I found it online listed under "sweets." And it is $5.99 a pop, and it only lasts me about 24 hours.

So I did a little research and made my own. I may be onto something here!

Hmmmm. Making my own granola and riding around in a VW van that's almost 25 years old.

Definitely leaning towards crunchy.

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