Monday, March 26, 2007

One day at a time

There are a couple of reasons you haven't heard much from this direction lately. Here's the main one:

This picture of Nate from the other day looks kind of like this one. That's right. Nate broke his arm again a week or so ago. After all, he hadn't broken it since last August, so I guess it was about time. First grade will forever be remembered as the year he broke his arm TWICE.

He broke it playing around in the living room while I was almost done making dinner. As a result he is now the designated bat boy for his baseball team.

In all the commotion I didn't get around to posting Speech Notebook last week, so you get two this week.

I can't believe things are this crazy this far away from the end of the school year. As an example, this is what our week looks like:

Monday -- N to school; 8:15 Charlotte to therapy; 11:30 Charlotte to school; 11:45 home for lunch (Hattie and me); 2:40 meet schoolbuses; 2:50 "children" work on homework including Speech Notebook and Traveling Teddy (all me); 5:00 dinner; 6:00 kids and Tim to baseball, me to bell choir; 8:00 everyone reconvene for baths, bed (kids), dinner (me); afterwards straightening of all rooms in house in preparation for housekeepers tomorrow [Note: this last item NOT COMPLETED due to unauthorized and extended blogging break]

Tuesday -- N, C to school; straighten house (see previous day's note); 9:00 housekeepers here, Hattie to school, me to work; 1:30 leave work, 2:10 pick up Hattie, 2:40 meet schoolbuses; 6:00 babysitter arrives; 6:15 leave for Super Suppers night out with friends (me); 8:30 Tim home from work; 8:35 Tim and kids take babysitter home; 9:35 Tim and kids home

Wednesday -- N, C to school; unspecified Easter basket items due for Charlotte's class; Hattie and me to school to register Charlotte for kindergarten; otherwise regular day except for 3:30 orthopaedic appointment smack in the middle of a particularly congested part of town

Thursday -- 24 filled plastic eggs due for egg hunt in Hattie's class; 9:00 N, C, and H to dentist; then all to (two different) schools; 12:30 pick up Hattie; 2:40 meet schoolbuses, etc.; Tim working late again

Friday -- nothing scheduled!!

Saturday -- 2:00 Hattie to birthday party, one parent must attend; 3:00 Charlotte to birthday party, one parent must attend (Nate is apparently either going to a birthday party uninvited or will be farmed out to a sympathetic neighbor); 4:30 end of Charlotte's party; 5:00 end of Hattie's party

Sunday -- 8:30 to church for bell choir performance at two services (me); 1:15 home from church (me); 3:00 leave for 2-3 day camping trip! (everyone, including dog)

So you see, it's going to be kind of crazy around here. I'll check in when I can.

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LLA said...

Sweet Cracker Sandwich, girlfriend!

Just reading about your week has me plumb wore out!!!!!!!

(So glad that Nate gets to be the batboy - I know both your boys were going to be so sad if they had to sit out the season....)