Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Speech Notebook x 2

Since I skipped last week, here are both last week's and this week's Speech Notebook entries.

In the first one I didn't have a lot to write about except 1) Nate's broken arm, and 2) all the movies we watched that first weekend. Incidentally, we are now the owners of the whole first Star Wars trilogy, in case we want to go to Dragon*Con or anything like that.

By the second weekend, Nate was able to be a little more active. It was gorgeous here, if extremely pollen-y (on the pollen-counting scale where 100 is "extremely high," we have been at 5,000+ for the last few days, no joke). But we were able to do some things outside.

One of our biggest accomplishments was getting the tent back into its original bag, a feat not to be underestimated.

Now I'm off to fold 4 loads of laundry. The fun just never ends around here.

Monday, March 26, 2007

One day at a time

There are a couple of reasons you haven't heard much from this direction lately. Here's the main one:

This picture of Nate from the other day looks kind of like this one. That's right. Nate broke his arm again a week or so ago. After all, he hadn't broken it since last August, so I guess it was about time. First grade will forever be remembered as the year he broke his arm TWICE.

He broke it playing around in the living room while I was almost done making dinner. As a result he is now the designated bat boy for his baseball team.

In all the commotion I didn't get around to posting Speech Notebook last week, so you get two this week.

I can't believe things are this crazy this far away from the end of the school year. As an example, this is what our week looks like:

Monday -- N to school; 8:15 Charlotte to therapy; 11:30 Charlotte to school; 11:45 home for lunch (Hattie and me); 2:40 meet schoolbuses; 2:50 "children" work on homework including Speech Notebook and Traveling Teddy (all me); 5:00 dinner; 6:00 kids and Tim to baseball, me to bell choir; 8:00 everyone reconvene for baths, bed (kids), dinner (me); afterwards straightening of all rooms in house in preparation for housekeepers tomorrow [Note: this last item NOT COMPLETED due to unauthorized and extended blogging break]

Tuesday -- N, C to school; straighten house (see previous day's note); 9:00 housekeepers here, Hattie to school, me to work; 1:30 leave work, 2:10 pick up Hattie, 2:40 meet schoolbuses; 6:00 babysitter arrives; 6:15 leave for Super Suppers night out with friends (me); 8:30 Tim home from work; 8:35 Tim and kids take babysitter home; 9:35 Tim and kids home

Wednesday -- N, C to school; unspecified Easter basket items due for Charlotte's class; Hattie and me to school to register Charlotte for kindergarten; otherwise regular day except for 3:30 orthopaedic appointment smack in the middle of a particularly congested part of town

Thursday -- 24 filled plastic eggs due for egg hunt in Hattie's class; 9:00 N, C, and H to dentist; then all to (two different) schools; 12:30 pick up Hattie; 2:40 meet schoolbuses, etc.; Tim working late again

Friday -- nothing scheduled!!

Saturday -- 2:00 Hattie to birthday party, one parent must attend; 3:00 Charlotte to birthday party, one parent must attend (Nate is apparently either going to a birthday party uninvited or will be farmed out to a sympathetic neighbor); 4:30 end of Charlotte's party; 5:00 end of Hattie's party

Sunday -- 8:30 to church for bell choir performance at two services (me); 1:15 home from church (me); 3:00 leave for 2-3 day camping trip! (everyone, including dog)

So you see, it's going to be kind of crazy around here. I'll check in when I can.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Google hits

I don't exactly know what it says about a blog, but it's interesting to see what topics are important to people who find you via Google. To that end, I thought I'd list my most popular Google hits.

Here they are, in no particular order:

ladybug cupcakes
pirate cupcakes (and pirate cupcake cake)
Haight-Ashbury boots
wonky cakes
butterfly cupcake cake
tractor cake
toilet unclogger

Pretty much all cakes (and from one post!), except for the boots and the toilet unclogger. Although I did also recently get these (but only once, each):

picture of viking on 2005 ranger pickup floor mats
(?? -- what the heck? Why on earth did that query get to me?)

mens underpants with flair
(um, not really something I wrote about; probably more just a coincidental word choice -- sorry, men's underpants people!)

But this week the BIG hook has been Leprechaun Traps. Every parent with a kindergartner must be out researching this. And to think that before last year I'd never heard of such a thing!

So let's see -- a year and a half's worth of blogging and the parts that have the greatest universal appeal are one post's worth of cakes, boots, and a clogged toilet. And a leprechaun trap.

Still, I'm happy to have people stop by for whatever reason. All [non-pervy] people are welcome! I hope you find something of interest here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Speech Notebook Wednesday

[singing] If it wasn't for Speech Notebook, I wouldn't have no posts at aaaallllllll.........

Well, this week the big news was that my sister is going to have a girl! And there was much rejoicing.

Not that there wouldn't have been rejoicing if it was a boy, but everyone at our house is just FIRED UP about having a new niece! Everyone, that is, except for Nate, who is just going to have to stand tall as both the eldest grandchild on my side of the family, as well as the only boy.

In other exciting news, this week

  • I made $108 at the kids' consignment sale, at which I sold many hand-me-downs. (woo-hoo!)
  • Grandma came to visit.
  • I went to a friend's house Monday night as part of a leftover Bunco group (the group disbanded about a week after they asked me to join -- I don't have a complex about it, I'm just sayin') and Tuesday morning I realized that I was driving to work with no makeup on, looking like I felt.
  • a new housekeeper came to clean today, 3 weeks after her predecessor had been here.
  • despite the obvious lack of housekeeping by the residents of this house, there wasn't much knitting done.

So pretty much the same ol', same ol'.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Speech Notebook Wednesday

Looking back, it's a good thing that I have Speech Notebook Wednesday, or else there wouldn't be any posts for the last three weeks! I swear, more stuff does go on here than just what's in the speech notebooks. In fact, that's probably why sometimes there's not a whole lot posted in between Wednesdays.

Anyway, this week I wrote about Nate's first real day of baseball practice, which was late Monday afternoon. It was interesting to see how little all the kids looked. I'm used to Nate being the big one at our house, but on the field they all looked so small! While it was a little chilly yesterday after the sun started to go down, we've been very fortunate weather-wise for the last few days. Today it's truly gorgeous -- sunny and 70.

Maybe spring is here!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Speech Notebook

Once again, I'm behind, but here's Charlotte's speech notebook for class this week. I wrote about when we went to Ted's Montana Grill this past weekend for a nice lunch with my parents and my sister and her husband. We had a lot of fun at lunch. I really like Ted's. They've hit just the right balance so that it's clubby with lots of wood and white tablecloths, but it's not stuffy. And the food and service are GREAT.

And also? I obviously have no idea what a buffalo looks like. I did this late at night after I'd already turned my PC off, so I had to summon up what a bison looked like in my head. Kind of like those games where you close your eyes and draw some common object. So it's labeled in case anyone has trouble figuring out what it is. Also it's there because it takes up lots of space when you run out of ideas for what to draw.

Changing the subject now. It's been rainy, cold, and gray here all day today. I had my weekly (!) two hours this morning when all my children are in school, and which I proceeded to blow entirely with random book fairs and whatnot (mostly the whatnot -- or as it's sometimes known, that timesucker extraordinaire, the INTERNET). Hate that.

It's a good thing yesterday was so gorgeous. It was about 70 degrees and sunny here all day. I went downtown to the Big City to get my hair cut and have a lovely lunch at The Flying Biscuit, a favorite of Tim's and mine from our early marriage days, with my friend lla. I got home in time for the schoolbuses and to grab my neighbor's 3 kids for her, and the 6 children in my care all played happily outside for the next couple of hours with minimal intervention from me. Love that.

So I guess it all evens out.

This post was held up for about 24 hours while Blogger decided I wasn't a spamblogger. Just so you know.