Monday, January 29, 2007

Two naps and a party

Lately Hattie's been having a little trouble transitioning out of the nap phase. At almost three and a half, she doesn't really need a daily nap, but frequently she just can't make it much past 6:30 pm without falling asleep. Of course, if she does sleep even 10 minutes she's up until 11, which throws her off the next day too.

So we've been finding her in interesting places. On Friday afternoon she was extremely difficult. After I finally had to reprimand her, she stomped out of the room. A few minutes later we found her like this:

Then yesterday afternoon Charlotte had a birthday party to go to. So Tim and Charlotte took off, and Hattie and Nate played fairly well together while I did whatever it is that I do (most likely surfing or knitting, but NOT folding laundry or making dinner). Right before I heard the party people returning, I went out into the hall where Hattie had been reading to find this:

Fortunately that short nap only kept her up until about 9 pm. It could have been so much worse.

And here's Charlotte, who had an excellent time at the refreshingly traditional birthday party (in someone's home! with a clown! who wasn't scary!), modeling both the butterfly painted on her face, and the very traditional and extremely popular party favor.

Just another regular Sunday in this kickin' household.

It's kind of a coincidence that Hattie's wearing her coat in both of these pictures. But I find that when she's crabby enough to refuse to take off her coat that it frequently means she's tired. So it's on in these shots.

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LLA said...

Oh - poor sweet sleeping beauty....

I remember those days - the nap transitioning days. Those could be tough, so I feel for you...