Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sock progress

sock progress
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Well, this is how far I've gotten on my first sock. Of course, so far it's all been pretty straightforward -- just a little ribbing and then straight knitting. No gussets, short rows, or anything funky yet, which will be the true test.

You can see how beautiful this yarn is. It knits like a dream. It's very soft and consistent and it just flows through my fingers. It even stays nicely on my cheap-o needles when I'm knitting in the carpool line, at stoplights, standing up, you name it.

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LLA said...

That is really gorgeous...

I am envying you having a project that you are excited about... I want to tot over to Knitch and get something soft and make myself a scarf - b/c my current WIP is giving me fits. If I do go and get scarf yarn, though, I fear that I'll never finish the PITA project. So - for now, I'm not knitting much b/c it's not much fun...