Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Year

Well, the Christmas decorations are down as of about 12:30 last night, Tim is back at work today, and our days are slowly starting to slip back into a normal pace. With January here I'm optimistically full of good intentions and I'm feeling all organize-y.

Last night I decided at 5 p.m. that we needed some of those Christmas ornament boxes with all the little segments in them to put away all our ornaments. No more wads of toilet paper in ancient boxes for us! Except after a trip to our local Target, an Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and then another Target, I realized that everyone else had been all organizey ahead of me, and there were none of those boxes to be had. Except on the internet, and I wasn't about to sit around for the next 10 days with our glass ornaments in heaps on trays. Surely a recipe for disaster if there ever was one.

So I made my own segments by cutting slots into strips of cardboard and fitting them together. It's not fancy and it took for-freaking-ever, but it's effective. And now it's done for next year. Here's a lovely photo so you can see my meticulous handiwork:

Two levels, even!

And last week we ventured downtown (to the big city!) to IKEA, where we braved the crowds and a 30-minute checkout line to get a new desk. Here's what we've been using for the last two years:

Unglamorous and too small, even if it wasn't a refugee from 1983. So we bought this to replace it: Great! Useful and efficient! Except it looks like this currently:

So there's a little project to look forward to.

And we have a birthday party, actually two, this weekend -- one for family and one for five-year-olds, because we wouldn't really want to inflict either group on the other. So we have that going on too.

But back to resolutions. Usually I don't break them because I rarely make any in the first place. It's more of a pragmatic approach.

This year, however, feels a little different for some unknown reason. Maybe it's because my kids are finally getting old enough that I don't have to have one or more touching me at any given hour of the day. Maybe it's because I'm finally sick of having too much junk in my house. For whatever reason, I'd like to make a decided effort to do the following:

  • Exercise more. We're off on the right foot on this one. We purchased a family membership to the Y on Dec. 30, so as to take advantage of the free month promotion. We haven't actually gone yet, although the kids had such a great time in the kids' areas that they are really bugging me to take them. Which should make it easier to get there.

  • Eat more vegetables. We realized last year when Charlotte was on the yeast-free diet that we'll eat just about anything, and it's kind of fun to have fresh, organic vegetables for dinner that aren't the usual carrots/broccoli/green beans that we have every other night. So we joined a CSA, specifically this one, and starting in February we'll pick up a box of fresh vegetables every week. I've vowed to use every fruit and vegetable we get, but Tim is skeptical, so we'll see how it works out.

  • Stay on top of organization. This would include opening any boxes that remain from our move in January of '05, but also staying on top of piles of mail and other miscellany, specifically the one currently residing in my laundry basket from approximately October (but probably earlier). One manifestation of this would be if I did our taxes before April 14th. That's the plan, anyway.

There are lots of other things I could improve. But really those are the ones I plan to concentrate on. Notice I didn't list "lose weight." I'm hoping it will be a by-product of eating better and exercising more.

So there you have it. Wish me luck! And Happy New Year to all of you!

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LLA said...

Wow - look at your mad cardboarding skills! I am very, very impressed...

I like and admire your list of NY Resolutions... I'm still trying to formulate what I want this year to be like and what I want to accomplish. Guess I've already blown "stop procrastinating".... :)