Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ladies who lunch/blog

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Went downtown for a haircut today and had a FABULOUS time meeting lla. We've been corresponding for a while now, but this was our first visit in person. We chatted and chatted, in that way that you do when you are both talking so fast that it's only on the way home that you think, "I forgot to say this" or "ask about that."

She gave me a couple of her famous dishcloths, seen here. Thanks, lla! Check out that fantastic presentation! I could learn a thing or two from this lady!

My very small gift to her was plucked out of my purse, unadorned in any way. But I thought I was doing pretty well because I didn't have to pull any dog hair or a half-sucked candy off of it.

We had so much fun at lunch that we didn't get across the street to Knitch. I was constrained by having to be back in Suburbia in time to get Charlotte off the bus.

Next time, lla, next time!

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