Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Birthday recap

In yet another entry in the "bad mom" column, I've been remiss in writing about Charlotte's 5th birthday parties (that's right, plural), which were not this past weekend, but the previous one.

She had one party on Saturday for the family. The theme was pink and purple, which was carefully selected approximately 12 hours before the first party. Gone are the days when I used to craft meticulous theme-appropriate invitations weeks in advance, design and prepare a full menu and decorations that also matched the theme and then give people plenty of notice in case they wanted to wear appropriate theme-matching clothing.

15 birthdays later I throw a birthday party together the best I can, painstakingly selecting the menu from our fine collection of takeout menus smashed in a kitchen drawer. The cakes are simpler, but always well-qualified for the Wonky Cake gallery. Witness:

Yikes! I think the flourescent lighting adds a lot to the Halloween quality of this picture. And it does kind of look like it belongs in a new saloon. Charlotte wanted a white cake, so I made cream cheese frosting so it wouldn't be too, too sicky-sweet.

Charlotte really, really liked it, so it was redeemed by that, if by nothing else.

The next day we had the party for her friends. Before my kids were born I thought it would be a good idea to stick to the concept of having only as many birthday guests as the honoree is old. Well, by that measure Charlotte turned 19 this year. It was her first party for friends, and she wanted to include everyone. We didn't have the heart to tell her no.

I might have been more motivated to stick to my guns if we'd been having it in our home, but since it was in a big room somewhere else with trampolines embedded in the floor, someone else orchestrating, and only 90 minutes in length, we caved. Next year we can be more principled.

Of course we had to get a new cake for the 2nd party. So we got one from the grocery store, known for their wonderful cakes. Here's the shot of that one, same colors, much more tastefully applied.

My cake tasted pretty good, but this one was YUMMY. Love that whipped cream-type frosting! And the kids all seemed to like it too.

Charlotte had a fabulous time and everyone behaved themselves, so I would definitely consider it a success. Not something I would want to do all the time, but worth it, without a doubt.

Happy birthday, sweetie!

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LLA said...

Belated Happy Birthday, MissCharlotte!

(And for what it's worth - I think your cake is much prettier than the storebought one...)