Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday Fun

Yesterday was an unusually exciting day for us. As a rule we don't go out all day as a family, but yesterday we left the house at 10 a.m. and didn't get home until 9:30 p.m.

With everyone dressed up in their good sweaters

we headed downtown to see Dan Zanes in concert at the Ferst Center at Georgia Tech. Dan Zanes and his band have done several family music CDs, all of which we own and listen to regularly in the car. So when Tim saw that he was coming to Atlanta, he thought it would be fun for us all to go.

And Dan did not disappoint. You might think that because we've heard all his songs umpteen times we would be bored, but that was not the case. He really put on a very good show that wasn't too loud (Charlotte was very concerned about this before it started), and which got everyone up and dancing in the aisles.

You can see more fun pictures of dancing and of Dan and his band here.

After the concert, which got out about noon, we shopped briefly at the Tech bookstore and then headed over to find Knitch, a yarn store which Bad Fortune Cookie very highly recommended and which I had been anxious to visit. Since everyone else didn't want to go to the yarn store, they all parked and waited for me at Hand in Hand, a very authentic, English-style pub, while I ran across the street.

And WOW! Knitch certainly lived up to the hype. They had some gorgeous yarns in there and the people were extremely helpful and friendly, quite a switch from the last yarn store I went to. And in a major departure from those past few yarn stores, they didn't try to sell me some acrylic novelty yarn that's a nightmare to knit. So now I have a new favorite yarn store.

When I got back to Hand in Hand with my purchases, I found a cold beer waiting for me and, about a minute later, my blue cheese hamburger that Tim had ordered for me. It really doesn't get much better than that.

We enjoyed our lunch so much that we forgot to take pictures, and then we jumped back in the car to drive about an hour north to the home of some friends who had invited us over for dinner. We spent a fun evening with them and then headed home. By the time we pulled into the garage we had 3 kids sacked out, even Charlotte who never sleeps in the car.

Definitely a day to remember.

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LLA said...

Wow! That does sound like a great day!

I'm so thrilled that you found Knitch, it does live up to all the praise, doesn't it??? Did you get anything fun???

And how sweet is your husband - a beer awaiting, and a BCB on order. Sounds like he's a keeper....