Saturday, November 11, 2006

Young Authors and bread

Yesterday afternoon Tim and I were invited to the elementary school to hear Nate read at a Young Authors Tea. The Young Authors Tea is an event where they pick one child from each class to read something they've written this year, and Nate was selected.

He did a great job reading his composition about what his ideal neighborhood would be. Actually, I feel pretty good that it sounded very similar to the one we live in now, even if we are short one fire station, one police station, one lake and two pools (with 8 diving boards).

And about the bread? In a fun and virtually useless exercise, I figured out that it's costing us $0.83 a loaf to make our own bread in the machine we're borrowing from my parents. That's if you don't count the electricity, which I have no idea how to figure out. As a comparison the bread we buy at the store costs $2.39, so we're saving maybe $18 or so a month. And I know pretty much exactly what's in each loaf. Woo-hoo!

Now if I could just figure out how to make some whole wheat bread that isn't a rock, we'd be all set.

Edited: Okay, obviously, as with far too many things, I only know enough html to be dangerous. My newest banner is just giving me fits placement-wise. Can anyone out there tell me how to size and center a banner properly in Blogger?

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