Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Speech Notebook Wednesday

In many ways this past weekend was a perfect fall weekend for us. We were blessed with incredible weather, Tim and Nate (and friends) went to the Georgia Tech/Duke football game on Saturday to celebrate Nate's birthday, and on Sunday Tim and the kids raked leaves in the yard.

Since Charlotte didn't get to go with Nate and his friends to the game, I couldn't write about that for Speech Notebook, so I resorted to the leaf-raking story. Here it is in all its glory.

In other fall news, so far today Tim has been to not one, but two grocery stores, and there's a chance he may have to go back. I'm packing for our trip to a cabin on a lake in North Carolina, where we'll celebrate both Thanksgiving and Tim's parents' 45th anniversary with all his family. In marked contrast to past trips, I actually have all day today to get everything done and I've got a really good start on it!

Unfortunately for me I haven't figured out a way to reconcile my OCD tendencies and my extreme procrastination. For some reason I feel the need to have every item of clothing in the house clean before I pack, probably so I can take anything I want on the trip. So almost every day before a trip I spend all day washing, only to find myself trying to pack starting at about 11 pm. Surely there's a better way.

The solution? Have one whole day before we travel dedicated to preparing, and be sure to have Tim home the whole time! If that doesn't do it, there's no hope.

GT Game
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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LLA said...

For some reason, something is up at Bloglines - and it's not updating properly. I've had a few people comment on it to me, and I thought I'd test it out. According to Bloglines - all's been quiet here with you for the last little bit, but then I come to check it out and see all kinds of stuff!

Hope the weekend in the mountains was just lovely! I think you had the right weather for it, for sure... I laughed out loud when I read your OCD/procrastination dilemma - it was all too familiar. I end up staying up way late cleaning the house, doing all laundry etc. and can only begin packing the next morning... I'm going to show this post to Bubba (who thinks I'm crazy) so that he can see that I am not alone!