Wednesday, November 15, 2006


So today Nate turned seven. He had a fun time at school (complete with cupcakes for the class), a fun time after school (went to a school function with a friend), and sausage gravy and biscuits for dinner tonight. Then we had a big chocolate cake and he opened his presents.

Here's a picture of his cake, which puts a capital W on wonky. My new idea was to a) use thinner icing so I wouldn't dig up the top of the cake while icing it like I usually do, and b) decorate it with a big "7" stencil done with powdered sugar. Maybe if I'd gotten more powdered sugar on the cake than on the floor it would have looked better. And maybe if the icing hadn't been so thin it would have set better and not stuck to the bottom of the paper I cut the 7 out of as I was sprinkling on the powdered sugar. I ended up having to put candles all around it for better definition. The verdict -- a good concept with marginal execution.

But really it's the birthday that counts. I have to keep my priorities straight.

Happy birthday, Nate!

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LLA said...

It looks fab! And look at your big seven-year-old! So sweet....