Friday, November 03, 2006

The closest of friends

Last March, I made a bunny baby for Hattie's bunny baby, the one friend she always has with her and which she sleeps with every night. Tim took one look at Bunny Baby's tiny friend and said, "We're going to lose it and never find it again."

Sure enough, Bunny Baby's bunny baby was around for 24, maybe 36 hours and then Poof! he disappeared. We couldn't find him anywhere.

A couple of weeks ago Hattie was getting dressed and she picked out a long-sleeved shirt that she doesn't wear very often. She put it on and told me that she felt something funny in the sleeve. I thought it was just the embroidery on the shirt, but sure enough, there was something in there. Guess who. Now how BB's BB got into the sleeve of a shirt she rarely wears, I don't know. But I guess it was lucky that Hattie decided to wear that shirt again before I put it away for good.

For the last few weeks we've managed to keep up with him pretty well, more or less, until I jokingly mentioned sewing him onto Bunny Baby. Hattie thought that was a great idea and specified that she wanted Bunny Baby to hold his bunny baby over his shoulder, "so he could say, 'Peek!'"

So here he is. Peek!

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