Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Speech Notebook Wednesday

Well, better late than never, I guess. We've been busy around here and I don't really see it letting up until maybe Friday. It's Conference Week at the elementary school, which means everyone comes home at 12:30, ALL WEEK.

But here's Charlotte's speech notebook for this week. You would think I would have lots of ideas about what to write, but really it's not that easy. I must have spent 15 minutes last night coming up with a topic. Of course, this is the third year that Charlotte's been in that class, so I've covered lots of things already and I feel like it would be a real cop-out to do them again.

This entry is all about our morning routine, from Charlotte's perspective of course. The routine usually works out fairly well, except for when the bus is 10 minutes early like it was the other day.

Sometimes I can write about things we did over the weekend, but I thought Saturday's dinner was too complicated to write about, and Sunday I have to say that all I did all day was work on Halloween costumes. To the extent that at dinner time Hattie said, "Mom you need to get dressed!" Which was a valid point, except that you could argue that if you wear flannel pants and a turtleneck to bed, that you're already dressed, in some fashion.

That's pushing it, I know. But I got Hattie's skirt all done and Nate's shirt and a vest-y thing done too. A little work on props and we'll be completely done. I'll take pictures if the sun ever comes out here.

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