Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Speech Notebook Wednesday

Wow! A week gone by already. For not doing anything particularly noteworthy, time sure passed quickly.

The subject of today's post was an exercise to see just how impaired I could be and still function. I did it Monday night, after coming home from my first experience with bunco. Late Monday afternoon a friendly neighbor asked me if I wanted to sub, since apparently someone in their group couldn't come. I'd heard about the bunco phenomenon, and read about it in the paper, but had never actually played it.

My only problem was that I had bell choir practice right before, so I had to go straight to bunco without dinner. NOT a good idea.

Everyone was very pleasant and they had some nice snacks, but they had LOTS of beer and wine. So we all threw our dice and chatted and drank our drinks. Then about 10:30 I walked home with my prize: the pumpkin-as-spider tea light holder I'd won for getting the last bunco.

Then I remembered that I had to do Charlotte's homework, which, if I'd been thinking, I would have done earlier.

With games of chance on my mind, I somehow ended up writing about Bingo. My handwriting is messy and my corners aren't as straight, but I think it was passable.

I spent the whole next day trying unsuccessfully to convince myself that I wasn't hung over.

And now my conversion to 100% suburban housewife is complete.

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