Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Speech Notebook September 12, 2006

I had hoped to post this week before now, but better now than never.

Here's this week's speech notebook. I wrote about going to the Yellow Daisy Festival craft fair this weekend, which, if you believe their PR people, is the "largest craft fair in the nation!"

And it was big. And many, many, many people were there. But it was pretty well managed for its size. I'll let my lovely drawings speak for themselves.

What I didn't draw a picture of was the blue stuff on the ground that Hattie picked up outside a bank of porta-potties, resulting in the staining of her hands and then mine, as I frantically tried to clean her up, for the next two days. Try eating a sandwich with hands stained blue from some mysteriously vivid porta-potty stuff (hopefully unused) when you've only had access to spray-on "sanitary liquid" to wash your hands with. It's enough to make you gag. But we're all still here, so it can't have been too toxic.

I also didn't draw a picture of us paying $37 for 2 hot dogs, a hamburger, some chicken fingers, and a gyro.

But we had a pretty good time there. Next year, if we go, we plan to get there the minute the gates open.

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LLA said...

I love Yellow Daisy - as tickytacky as it can be some years. I really do love it - although I usually have to go by myself since none of my hipper than thou intown friends would be caught dead at a craft fair...

I was so sorry to miss it this year - that was the only bad thing about our weekend! Every year I find one or two things that I just love, and god help me, I even love the festival food, overpriced as it is. Schecky got a bow/arrow last year and just loved it.

Maybe you and I can go next year, maybe Friday morning when all the Munchkins are in school!