Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Just a regular Tuesday

Last night Tim and Nate had a Cub Scout meeting, so we had to eat dinner early. That turned out to be okay, since Hattie's been having a little trouble with naptime lately. If we put her down for an afternoon nap, she plays and destroys her room for about an hour. However, if she ever does nap, even 10 minutes' worth will keep her from falling asleep at bedtime until about 11 pm. So we try to keep her up, with the usual result being that she falls asleep somewhere strange right about dinnertime.

So last night Hattie was up on the counter watching me make dinner and the next thing I knew, she was like this.

She's not one to be constrained by convention. And don't worry, folks, I was right there with her the whole time in case she tried to roll off.

After dinner we got Nate all doodied up in his new uniform and had to take a picture of the momentous occasion.

Not a great picture, but we couldn't take any more because 1) it was time to go, and 2) someone (*cough*) forgot to delete some pictures so the memory card was full. Also note the new cast that he got yesterday. It stops below his elbow, so now he can straighten out his arm for the first time in a month.

Oh, and Hattie woke up in time to see everyone else eating dessert, so she screamed for about 10 minutes until she finally figured out that we wouldn't let her eat dessert before her dinner.

Just a regular Tuesday.

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