Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm a pro!

blue horse
Originally uploaded by 3 to get ready.
When I first started this blog, I also started up my free photo account on flickr. This picture of a horse I made for Hattie's second birthday was the first image I ever uploaded.

However, 14 months later I had more than used up my free 200 photos, so that the first ones I had uploaded started to disappear as I added new ones. But today, thanks to an early birthday gift from my very generous brother-in-law, I have been upgraded to a Pro Account!

Suddenly all my oldest photos have reappeared in my photostream, so I've been having fun getting reacquainted and setting up new photo sets. You should go check them out!

Thanks, D!

1 comment:

LLA said...

Ah - so you have a birthday coming up! Happy, happy!

Can't wait to go see the "new" pics (they'll be new to me...)

And I love that little horse, so sweet! I'm v. impressed...