Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cottage 11

Well, we're back. Tim and I, to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, called in the reinforcements to watch the kids and took off for a long weekend in a state park. We caught up on our sleep, ate lots of good food, and generally relaxed all weekend. What a treat!

This is a shot of the cottage we stayed in on Lake Hartwell. It wasn't fancy, but it had everything we needed and then some. That blue speck you see on the front porch is me, bringing the photog another beer.

This is the lake we could see out of those two double windows in the picture above. We didn't have a boat, and it rained some, but that wasn't a hardship as we'd brought mainly sedentary things to do.

And here's my project. One of Hillary's stitchettes, that I was actually able to start and finish! Except I modified it slightly so it would look more like my own personal little stitchette. Who, coincidentally, played croquet while Grandma and Grandpa were here.

Now it's back to the grind, *sigh*. But at least I'm not wound quite so tightly.

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LLA said...

Sounds like a lovely anniversary weekend! (and what a lovely Stitchette, too - and she does look like one of yours!)

Which state park is on Lake Hartwell? I know I should go Googling and find out, but I am a very lazy goat...