Monday, September 04, 2006


Yesterday we had the extended family celebration for Hattie's third birthday. In keeping with tradition, I put together yet another extremely wonky birthday cake. In this case, a cupcake cake. Hattie had specified the pink butterfly part for the last several months. I let her select the cake flavor, and then went with my own design. I prefer to think of the markings on the wings as "primitive folk art." But she liked it, which is what counts.

Today is also a day worth noting. One year ago today I started this blog. I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep it up, but here I am, still posting one year later. Being a part of the internet community has been inspirational, motivational, and definitely therapeutic. I've made some friends and learned all kinds of new things.

So in celebration, here is a compilation of some of the wonkier cakes I've made over the last several years for my kids' birthdays.

A fish cake for Nate's 4th birthday with an Under the Sea theme.

A tractor cake for a farm birthday when Hattie turned one.

Ladybug cupcakes for Charlotte's second, ladybug birthday. These were very red!!

And a pirate cupcake cake for Nate's 5th birthday. This was the pirate birthday party that we gave for Nate and six of his 5-year-old friends while our house was on the market. The people who came to look at it unannounced that day were not too thrilled that they came in the middle of our treasure hunt. Needless to say, they didn't end up buying our house.

You can check out all of these and others on flickr.


LLA said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!!!

And look at you with the cakes - they are all awesome!

(I am trying to decide if I want to commission a butterfly cake or a tractor cake for my next birthday... they are my two favorites...)

kirsten said...

they are very cute! i'm going to have to try the cupcake-cake idea. i make creative/wonky cakes, too! i'll have to post about that one of these days...