Monday, September 18, 2006


Is anyone else addicted to this?

In an effort to tag all their images, Google has come up with an image labeler game where it pairs you up with someone else on the internet to label various pictures. They give you a minute and a half to label as many as you can. If you and your partner type in the same thing, then you get to move on to the next picture. It helps if you can recognize things quickly, simplify, and type really fast.

If you're really getting nowhere, you can pass and go on to the next picture. When the 90 seconds is up, it lists all the pictures you "got" at the bottom, and if you roll your cursor over the images, it shows you what your partner was guessing.

You can register if you want to keep track of your overall score, but lots of people play as a guest.

It's very fun, even if there is definitely a lowest common denominator factor. Tim is getting tired of hearing me yell, "YOU SUCK!" at the screen. Of course, nicer people probably wouldn't have that issue. And no doubt there are plenty of people yelling that at me.

Caution: don't even try it if you have the slightest tendency to be obsessive!


LLA said...

Oh dammit...

I'm in a procrastinating mood anyway - ay yi yi...

Oh well - we worked like dogs all weekend, did I really need to finish stuff up today????

LLA said...

WooHoo - finally got a partner who's not a moron, 1,400 points, baby!