Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend Projects

This weekend somehow I actually completed not one, but two projects. On Saturday I tried my hand at travel tissue holders, since I'm sick and tired of reaching into my purse only to find a linty ball of formerly clean tissues with their accompanying cellophane wrapper off and out having a good time somewhere on its own.

For my first attempt I used Bella Dia's tutorial found here. The tutorial was great, but unfortunately I printed off the pattern and didn't look at the dimensions, so I ended up with a doll-sized travel tissue holder. So I tried again after looking at little birds' but I had a little problem with spatial orientation and so the different fabrics are vertical rather than horizontal. Always a learning process. But I like it anyway. WAY better than the wrappers they come in, worthless things.

Then I saw these gorgeous washcloths over at Bad Fortune Cookie, who I've been trading e-mails with on a regular basis. She was kind enough to not only give me the pattern, but also tell me where she got her yarn and voila, I've been doing nothing else since yesterday and I've finished two of these great washcloths! I really love them and can't wait to try them out. I got the variegated blue yarn because I momentarily forgot that I was making washcloths and thought I was making dishcloths, but now that it's knitted up, it reminds me of Irish Spring soap, thereby rendering itself bath-worthy. The cotton in these really feels great and I love the weight the stockinette garter stitch gives them.

And finally, the gratuitous family shot for family members, taken on Tim's birthday last week when I gave him an authentic Italian soccer jersey, procured for me by a dear friend in Rome, in honor of Italy's World Cup win. And since we were going to the trouble, Nate got one too. #10 is Totti's number for anyone keeping score.

And now on to the things I should have been doing all day instead of knitting washcloths!


LLA said...

Oh - they are lovely!!! And I really like the Irish Spring one... (I've seen all the lovely variegated colors, but have avoided them, not knowing how they would look on a washcloth - and now I see that they are fab!)

So sorry to have spread the washcloth bug on to you - but it makes me feel better, less alone, somehow....
Hello, my name is LLA, and I'm a knitted-washcloth addict...

beki said...

What a beautiful family you have!