Thursday, August 17, 2006

Summer's End

This past weekend we introduced our kids to the beach. We'd been there in the winter, but we had just never gotten around to making the 5-6 hour trek in the summer. As expected, it was a big hit.

Charlotte liked playing in the sand, Nate ran around for 3 hours straight, and Hattie enjoyed going in the water, but only when carried.

We had a good time, made a sand castle, ate lots of watermelon, and relaxed just a little. Which turned out to be a good thing, because we got back late Sunday night (not the original plan) and the next morning was the first day of school for Nate and Charlotte -- 1st grade and Pre-K, respectively.

As it turned out, we had such a hectic morning on Monday that I forgot to get the first-day-of-school photo, and had to take a second-day-of-school one instead. But you get the idea.

I am only just now, 942 loads of laundry later, getting around to posting about both the beach and school.

In exciting knitting news, while I was at the beach I made a giant washcloth and a first draft of a sweater for some lucky stuffed animal to be named later. Fortunately I made the sweater out of the cheap cotton yarn I've been using for the washcloths, because I did a few things that I plan to do differently the next time I do it (like not set in the sleeves backwards).


LLA said...

Sounds ilke a fantastic beach trip - it's funny, we've always been winter beach people, too. I think we've been once in warm weather since Schecky was born.

Love the Back-To-School pics - all three of your kids are so beautiful!!!!!

reena said...

Gee! Your kids are so cute. They must have enjoyed it so much, it's written over their faces. It's nice to see family outings such as these. It brings back old memories.