Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What yeast doesn't like, cont.

This was originally intended to be a part of the previous post. However Blogger has not been cooperating in the picture department for the past 24 hours, so you get it split into two parts.

Anyhoo, continuing on.

When I initially envisioned this diet, I pictured myself shopping at places like this,

and coming home laden with beautiful, healthy produce to whip up delicious dinners like this

and lunches like this.

Alas, it was not to be. Without any recipes and only a list of unusual and very limited ingredients, I wound up with soup made of water I boiled chicken in, the chicken, kale, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, spinach and a TON of garlic. Also some tarragon. That was the most edible thing we've had so far. And how interesting to have nice, hot soup (and only soup -- NO crackers) when it was a chilly 100 degrees in the shade here.

The next night we had spaghetti squash, which I had never had, and which I had hoped to fool people into thinking was actual noodles. Again, no. Although 80% of us did eat it, and Tim and I even thought it was pretty good when you consider we ate it completely buried in our regular homemade spaghetti sauce.

Two nights ago I found a recipe for smothered cabbage which only used approved ingredients. It took much longer to cook than expected, so we ate 2 hours late. And after all that it was not as popular. So we have lots of "purple dinner" left over.

But last night was my masterpiece. We had the all-purple-and-green dinner. How often can people say that? It consisted of leftover red cabbage (did you know red cabbage turns blue in the fridge? Neither did I!), fresh steamed zucchini with a butter/red onion/ginger sauce from my new book, and boiled chicken with spaghetti squash and pesto (which turned the whole dish green). Verdict: the cabbage was okay, the zucchini was scrumptious, and the chicken/squash/pesto mixture was yucky.

Funny, but the people who seem to be suffering the most are not Charlotte, who has to eat rolled up lunchmeat and raw vegetables for lunch every day, but Nate, who is a complete vegetable-phobe, and Tim and I. We didn't think we ate that many sweets, but now that it's been a week or more with little or nothing for dessert, after the kids are in bed we've been reduced to pawing through the pantry for forgotten Halloween or Christmas candy that might have fallen down behind the shelves.

So what step of the recovery program is that?

Beautiful photos of lush meals found here. Scary shots of weird-looking dinner items are my own.

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LLA said...

I am broken hearted to learn that the gorgeous shot of the fruits/veg was not your own! I was all set to hop in the car and drive up (outside of the perimeter!) and adopt that gorgeous store as my own...

You are a brave woman, and a very good mommy to be trying all the new dishes. Keep up the good work - it'll get easier and better, I am sure...

It's funny - it almost sounds like Charlotte is doing the South Beach Diet!