Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Scenes from a holiday weekend

So nice to have a long weekend! And even nicer that we actually got something accomplished other than catching up on our sleep (a luxury not to be underestimated).

On Friday Nate and Charlotte went to Tim's folks' house to have dinner, spend the night, and play with their cousins who were in town and also staying with Grandma and Grandpa. Since Hattie couldn't go, I told her we could do whatever she wanted for dinner, in or out.

Her choice was to "have a picnic in the camper van." So after Tim got home from work, we packed up dinner for three, headed out to a local park, and ate our dinner, pirate napkins and all.

The next night the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra was playing a free concert in Piedmont Park, so we all trooped out there with a bucket of chicken for yet another picnic dinner. We pack all the kids, blankets, and various other items in the wagon, which Tim pulls, and I pull the cooler on wheels.

You can see the wagon (and the bucket from KFC) just over my left shoulder.

On Sunday I wiped down, sanded, wiped down again, and spray painted two filing cabinets I got when my sister's art gallery closed down last week. Spray painting was quick, but not nearly as easy as I had hoped. Getting the paint on evenly was really tricky. And it took 6 cans of paint!

But they needed cleaning up and since these will be going in our bedroom (yes, yes, I know -- don't tell the feng shui people) I thought I'd paint them a color that would blend. The tricky part now is going to be getting them up the stairs.

Please excuse the lovely photo styling in our garage, as I am incapable of moving these without Tim, and even then it's a major effort.

Then yesterday for the 4th we had a great time at my sister's in-laws' horse farm where they throw a big annual get-together. I took turkey/cream cheese rolls as an appetizer. I even had the forethought to make an extra roll-up which I ate for lunch today! Why can't I think like that all the time?

Here are Tim and Charlotte enjoying the pool, which I have to say was wonderful, since it was a very typical July day -- very hot and very sunny, just like you'd want it to be. I should have taken more pictures, but I was having so much fun that it was over before I knew it.

Hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day!

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LLA said...

Looks like it was a lovely weekend! And what a special treat for Hattie to have you all to herself for an evening, that probably doesn't happen a lot when you are the youngest (or does it???)

glad you had such a great weekend!