Friday, June 09, 2006

WIP Friday

Hop Skip Jump had a great idea to use Friday posts to list what work you have in progress. Believe it or not, I actually had that same thought last weekend, so I took a picture of a project I was working on last Saturday. As it turns out, one of the great things about freezer paper stencils is that they're fairly quick, so I finished this one. But I can't show you the final picture because the recipient would see it. So I'll post the finished picture after next weekend.

And it came out GREAT, if I do say so myself. LOVE the freezer paper stencils!

My current project, which is a true work in progress, I started this afternoon, although I had been turning it around in my mind for the last week, after I saw this. My thought was to use some of Tim's old 100% cotton oxfords that have frayed at the collars and cuffs, thus rendering them inappropriate for the workplace, and make them into some cute peasant tops for Charlotte and Hattie. Inexpensive, comfortable, cute (if I do it right), AND recycled. It doesn't get much better than that.

I thought about it so much that finally on Thursday I was compelled to go into my local fabric shop, three kids in tow (what a mistake THAT was!), to get the pattern. Even though the saleslady had to come over because they couldn't keep their little hands off all the bright buttons, threads, embroidery floss, beads, and you-name-it, it was still worth it because I came out of there with the critical pattern, 6 yards of half-inch elastic, several packs of baby rick rack, and a burning desire to get started.

As a trial, however, to avoid ugly mistakes, I cut out the pattern this afternoon using a thrifted sheet (99 cents, woo-hoo!) to see if a) I could actually make this and b) I had my sizing right. If it works, someone will have a new, soft, cotton shirt to go with the oxford cloth ones I'll make later after I've perfected the process. If this afternoon is any indication, it was very wise to start with a trial, because I've had my seam ripper out a bunch already. And yes, those are my pins in the Altoids tin -- Altoids, the most useful candy OF ALL TIME.

And one more work in progress, but not one of mine: the girls had their first haircuts today. Hattie was a champ -- she jumped into the chair without hesitation and sat like a statue while the one long piece of hair she's had since her baby days (sniff!) was trimmed off. In this picture Nate's catching it so we can save it for posterity. Charlotte also got a very slight trim, but she was not nearly as comfortable with the process (no tears, though) so I'll spare us all that shot.

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