Monday, June 19, 2006

Freezer Paper Father's Day

Father's Day shirts
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Yes, we gave Tim shirts for Father's Day. But at least they weren't work shirts. Once again the oh-so-wonderful freezer paper stencil craft made an appearance.

The Abraham Lincoln stencil is for Tim's interest in presidents, and the Rearden Steel one is a reference to an embattled company in "Atlas Shrugged," by Ayn Rand.

It's very fun to put whatever you want on a t-shirt!

And I hope all the dads out there like ours, who patiently handle the children while moms like me are busy crafting, had a good Father's Day!


LLA said...

These turned out so gorgeously!

And did you make the Rearden Steel design? It's wonderful!!!!!

Jenn said...

those shirts are great! I got my husband t-shirts as well, which he loves. His are from the show "firefly" which was one of his favorites, although no one else has ever heard of it!
I have not tried freezer paper stencils yet but it seems like a must try!!