Tuesday, May 09, 2006


We got back from visiting Tim's family in Orlando at about 7 Monday night. Since we were in Florida, there was a little of this,

a whole day of this (please ignore the K-Fed wannabe who I didn't notice when I was framing the picture),

and a little of this too.

We had a great time catching up with everyone. Tim's brother called in several favors and got 15 of us into the Magic Kingdom for free. Then on Sunday we helped our niece and nephew celebrate their First Communion.

The only drawback was some kind of bug that Nate must have picked up right before we left, because we had to make several emergency stops along the I-75 corridor in N. Florida/S. Georgia on the way home. Fortunately he bounced back right as we got home and he even had pizza for dinner with no adverse effects.

Update: Since I drafted this post, Nate stayed home from school on Tuesday with no problems whatsoever, and went to school on Wednesday, where he stayed until 8 am, when they called to tell me he was getting sick again. Today Hattie got sick while we were getting ready for school, so she and Nate and I all took a little trip to the pediatrician today, where they told us it was a virus, and prescribed Motrin/Tylenol and rest. Beats the alternative, I guess.

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