Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Coming up for air

Hoo boy. There have been LOTS of things going on here. Last week was the last week of school for us down here in Georgia, with all that that entails. Besides the other kids' Field Days, Water Days, an Authors' Tea, and ice cream day (don't forget to bring toppings for your class!), Hattie had her school program, pictured here.

Here's everyone outside afterwards. In this picture you can also see Hattie's little "pink purse," which is the pouch she uses to hold her insulin pump. Oh yeah, we started Hattie on the insulin pump this week too, which means we had to test her blood sugar at 11 pm, 2 am, and 5 am every day/night. Argh. Fortunately she has adapted well to it, since it is really much easier than giving her several shots a day.

Here's a shot of Hattie at her Water Day. Much pouring of water was involved on that day.

Oh yes, and besides collecting money from two different classes to buy gift certificates for all their teachers, I also made thank you gifts of my own -- 72 marble magnets, 6 to a spray-painted Altoids tin. I meant to take pictures of all 72, because some of them were very cute, but of course I ran out of time and now they're with the recipients.

Well, except for these two teachers. They only got 5 each. Blogger is not cooperating with my other picture.

Nate also started swim team practice, and his first meet was tonight. Here he is, just after warming up.

Here he's swimming the 6 & under 25 meter backstroke. His dad and I are very proud. And tired.

Now summer is here and maybe we can do some catching up (sleep, laundry, you name it). Shew!

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