Thursday, April 06, 2006

Zoo animals!

Today Tim was at the Masters all day, so the kids and I went to the zoo. I astounded myself by taking some decent pictures. At least at first.

Here is Lun Lun. She's the panda they're trying to impregnate. Unfortunately the male panda doesn't have a clue, so no luck yet on that front.

Then I took a picture of a lion. Usually the lions are lounging somewhere where you can't see them, so I was pretty impressed with myself for getting this shot. Through dirty glass, no less! I told Hattie and Nate that this was a female lion -- no mane! Then I took a closer look. Well, better to let them continue to think it was a "mommy lion" than to point out its obvious male characteristics.

But that little fib wrecked my picture-taking karma. From that point my picture luck ran out. This giraffe refused to turn around. So here's the south end of a northbound giraffe.

I thought I was starting to get it back when I got this decent shot of a zebra. No, wait. He's pooping.

I did manage to get these young animals in their natural habitat, however.

And here's a whole herd of them. See you later, baby animals!

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