Monday, April 10, 2006

Where in the world.........

Here is a very fun thing to do:

create your own visited states map

This website lets you check off the states you've been in, and then it creates a map using that information. I used my own imperfect memory to do this, but I was very conservative, so there's a chance that there are one or two more states that I didn't check.

Most of the East Coast (Florida to Maine) I've visited during or since college, but we hit lots of the rest of these states on a cross country trip my family took in 1983, when I was 15 years old. My parents bought a 1973 VW pop-top camper and spent 3 weeks taking my sister and me (and our dog!) from DC to San Francisco and back. It was a very fun trip. And we definitely covered a lot of ground!

Then I did this map:

create your own visited countries map

Again, I was in some of these places when I was very small. I only counted the ones I was sure of. Interesting to see how much more is out there! (Incidentally, I haven't really visited the farthest reaches of Canada (unless Quebec counts) and for some reason it looks like I've been to some island in the North Sea -- I really haven't been there. I don't think.) Fun to play!

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