Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hi, Honey!

Another bunny showed up yesterday. Her name is Honey. Here she is, meeting the other bunnies. There sure are a lot of them! I have to say, it's very fun picking out what print goes with which solid. And since these bunnies are so easy to make, they're getting kind of addictive. Good thing Easter is almost upon us and bunny-making season will be over! Can you say OCD? (Must. Make. Bunnies...)

Here's a close-up of the chicky print on Honey's back. Maybe it would have made more sense to make an Easter chick with that print, but today it's all about the bunnies.

And here they all are: Pearl, Mama Chocolate Bunny (a shameless entry for this month's Tie One On), Geranium, Henry, and Honey. If nothing else, this little exercise has been a study in embroidering faces, something in which (ahem) I need a little more work.

You can check out lots of other people's interpretations of this pattern here.

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